Business Owner’s Policy

A business owner’s policy is an insurance package that includes property and liability coverage’s to protect every aspect of your business. A BOP is generally designed to cover the needs of small to medium sized companies and is not suitable for larger businesses. Because a BOP is a package policy, Davis Insurance Group is able to offer it at a very reasonable rate. Fill out the simple form to receive a free quote today!

Businesses are exposed to risk on a daily basis. If you own a restaurant, your chef could slip and fall in the kitchen. If you own a contracting business, your builders are exposed to heavy equipment, sharp objects, and towering heights. If you own an IT company, you could accidentally confuse some numbers causing a client to lose a lot of money. Securing your business from the many risks that threaten it is essential.

Typically a business owner’s policy will include the following coverages:

    • Property insurance including buildings, equipment, and inventory.
    • Business interruption insurance. If your business is unable to produce revenue due to halted operations, this type of coverage will offset lost profits or continue paying your owed expenses.
    • Casualty or liability protection. This product will secure your business from harm caused by the employees or products to other people
    • Crime insurance. If your business is robbed, burglarized, or vandalized in any way, crime insurance will kick in. It will also cover losses due to employee theft and/or embezzlement.
    • Liability insurance. Lawsuits are common and judgments are high, protecting your business with liability coverage will give you peace of mind knowing that your company and its assets are safe.
    • Vehicle coverage. Your business may have one car or a fleet of vehicles. Commercial auto coverage will cover your company’s vehicles from any accidents that may arise.

If you would like an analysis of your business’s current insurance coverage or need to secure a BOP policy right away, Davis Insurance Group can help. We will find you the best coverage’s available so you can feel secure knowing your business is covered. Contact us right now for a free consultation.


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