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meeting roomOffice insurance is there to protect you in the event something bad happens that could damage your business. While it’s highly recommended you take it out on any premises you run, there’s no legal requirement to do so. Your office insurance policy is there to cover you against the day-to-day risks of operating business premises. These can include catastrophes such as fire, flood and burglary, as well as accidents such as a member of the public tripping over on your premises. This may not sound serious, but in the litigious age we live in, that’s as much a risk to your business as a fire is.

    • Office contents insurance-The fixtures & fittings, equipment and glass in your office premises fall under the protection of contents insurance. Protecting your office property with contents insurance not only gives peace of mind but also allows your business the freedom to operate to its full potential. In these trying times where floods and earthquakes can indiscriminately ravage your offices contents, you owe it to your business to be covered.
    • Employers liability insurance-Current legislation requires you to provide employers liability insurance if you employ staff on a full or part time basis and also voluntary staff. Without employers liability insurance you can face large fines and leave your company open to litigation.
    • Public liability insurance-Although not a legal requirement, public liability insurance is generally seen to be a beneficial option for your office insurance. Family, guests, visitors and clients are all classed as members of the public. Should an accident happen to any one of them a claim could be made against the company. Without public liability insurance you would be liable for any costs incurred by a court judgment.
    • Buildings insurance-The office building represents a huge out lay in the company’s resources. Protecting it with buildings insurance is vital for any business continuity plan and should always be considered when choosing your office insurance policy.
    • All risks policy– extend the level of cover applied to items on your office insurance policy. This helps you to be more flexible in the way you work and provides you with additional cover. Work tools normally insured only in the office building can be covered for working from home as well as whilst in transit.

Davis Insurance Group’s business insurance specialists take the time to understand your business, and will support you step-by-step through the quotation process, and answer any questions about the types of cover we provide. However, we know that when you’re running a business, time is money. That’s why we aim to answer your business insurance questions as fast and comprehensively as possible, and can usually give you a quote straight away.



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