Aviation Insurance

Small aeroplaneDavis Insurance Group can provide all lines of aviation insurance including, but not limited to: private and commercial aircraft, business jets, helicopters, and gliders. Aircraft insurance is divided into several types of insurance coverages:

  • Public liability insurance- often referred to as third party liability covers aircraft owners for damage that their aircraft does to third party property, such as houses, cars, crops, airport facilities and other aircraft struck in a collision. It does not provide coverage for damage to the insured aircraft itself or coverage for passengers injured on the insured aircraft.
  • Passenger liability insurance-protects passengers riding in the aircraft who are injured or killed.
  • Combined Single Limit (CSL)-CSL coverage combines public liability and passenger liability coverage into a single coverage with a single overall limit per accident.
  • Ground risk hull insurance -This provides coverage for the insured aircraft against damage when it is on the ground and not in motion
  • Ground risk hull insurance in motion (taxiing)-provides coverage while the aircraft is taxiing, but not while taking off or landing.
  • In-flight insurance- In-flight coverage protects an insured aircraft against damage during all phases of flight and ground operation, including while parked or stored

When you need help sorting through airplane insurance coverage options our agents are committed to bring you best aviation insurance coverage at the right price for your Aircraft. Service isn’t just a word to Davis Insurance Group, it’s an ideal that we take pride in. For more information on airplane insurance contact, Davis Insurance Group at 606-387-4297 or fill out our online form above for your FREE airplane insurance Quote today.


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